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Name:Those who come from Far Away
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For system members who feel a little lost
Hello. Welcome to Distant Lands. This is a community for people in plural systems who have walked into the system from elsewhere and just don't feel at home in their new system yet. This community is here because sometimes it's easier to adjust to things if you've got support.

This community is a place to help those newly arrived or newly fronting to adjust to what life can be like.


  • No flaming. If I see it, you're out of here. No second chances, no apologies.

  • Disagreement is fine. Keep it civil. See above.

  • Please keep things on topic as much as possible..

  • Off-topic posts are allowed. Keep them brief.

  • Please understand that people are different. Cultural disagreements will happen. Take them to PM and out of this community.

  • Membership is moderated, to keep out people who would otherwise come to gawk and stare at the crazeeees!

If you have any other questions, please send the mod a private message. Your mod is [personal profile] flavia

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adjusting to new places, being lost, distant lands, home, learning new things, multiples, plurals
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